Busty Business Woman Takes It All Off
Welcome to The Sinema our home for vintage erotica much of which is Too Hot For You Tube. Step right upand sample from more than two dozen temptingly tawdry gems of the sapphire cinematic arts. Watch a bevy of lovely lasses as they slink around in this collection of; stipper films, burlesque queens, French fetish films from the '30s and other forms of sexploitation. We offer a virtual buffet of sin and vice and while we might work blue but we don't do porn. For a couple of years we had a channel on You Tube called Silk Spot which was terminated for showing one too many nipples.
1920's French Nudie Film“Washing Women”
CoEd Secrets
Jackie Lee Is All Tied Up
Fightin' Femmes Of France
French Thirties Fetish Follies
A Three Headed Strip Off
Outtakes From Glen Or Glenda
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The Defilers
Nude On The Moon
The first lady of sleeze she and photographer Irving Kral pretty much refined the genre in the 1950's. We have a collection of some of her shorts.
The Bettie Page Gallery

Early 1960's sexploitation classic that was directed by Doris Wishman (R.I.P. 2002). One of the few females working in the genre where she carved out a forty year career.

Relight My Fire Vintage Look
21st Century Sound


The Daring Stripper OnThe Flying Trapeze
Bride Stripped Bare (Almost)
Here's a nice little film from the late 1950s. Stripper Jackie Lee is all tied up but it doesnt take her long to get free from her bondage.
This lovely Latin lass really shows what she's got (including her hairy armpits) in this vintage short. She sheds her dress removes her black slip before taking off her bra and panties. She lets all her hair down in this vintage delight.

Two little maids who lack a change of clothes" Is the translated title of this lovely French classic from the 1920s. Silent but with music. Two Young women put up a washing line, strip off and wash their clothes. Excellant quality considering how old the film is.
This lucious lass sheds her prim and proper threads to reveal a most delectible inner being. She peals her hose and bares her breasts in this short flick.
The Flesh Trilogy
French Follies,some very kinky French flicks that will have you saying oh la la!!
When these two fillies get into a catfight over an item of lingerie the fur really flies.
French Fetish Follies 1
"Performance" Porn
Possibly the first erotic film? This little number was produced in 1901 by Thomas Edison himself. She stands to remove her skirt and then sits back down takes off her corset and throws it to the bumpkins in the box, who fight over the undergarment. And the show goes on as the clothes come off.
Misc.Bits Of Sexploitation
The Timid Dressmaker
The first of a pair of doubleheaders of Pairisian delights. The first is the very much (Un) Family Spirit. Which gives you bondage, spanking and both lesbian and hetro sex in just a few minutes. The second part of this package is a gentle (kind of) female domination clip called "Under the Caresses of the Martinet".
Here we have a tripleheader of French smut and perversion. First a female domination flick called "Raising TheWhip". Followed by a pair of mistress punishing her maid shorts; "Broken Vase" & "Mistress and Her Maid".
In the Mick Jagger film "Performance" there is a brief scene that features this bit of three way perversion.
Welcome To The Sinema
Jackie Gately is the star of this bridal themed tame bit of burlesque fun from the early 1940's.Her "act" is accompanied by a male vocal trio, very odd. Ms. Gately's first big break came when she won a hog calling contest in Arkansas.
Producer George Weiss re-released "Glen or Glenda" (1953) adding these racy and fetishistic clips to Wood's bizarre dream sequence to sell more tickets. That is, by adding some hetero sex-appeal to this nutty treatise on tranvestites.
I had this clip of Blaze Star but didn’t really like the music so went to the InternetArchive to see what I could find that would work and came across the music of the Per Olund Band & MCVulcano. So what started out a vouyeristic view of Ms. Starr’s bedtime routine turns into something more. 

Two comely young ladies are out for an afternoons ride out in the country when their car breaks down. They try to flag down a passing car at first by conventional methods. When that doesn't work they begin to peel off layers. STILL to no good effect. Finally as the one wearing black removes her bra she manages to pull over a motorist. Only problem is it's a cop!

This clip features A comely French lass as she spends her sewing dresses for others. She grows bored and decides to take off her clothes, of course. First the dress then the slinky black silk next to nothings. 
1960's exploitation movie where two punks kidnap a young girl and lock her up in their basement. They take turns raping and brutalizing their captive. Eventually, her mind is turned to jello, and she becomes their slave.
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He haw! Ride em' cowgirl. There's a web post with more info on Mr. Klaw and a nice collection of photos. Click here to see it.
3 Beauties In Irving's Klaws
Irving Klaw went from being a used bookstore owner to operating Movie Star News to pionerring fetish photgraphy. He's the man who discovered Bettie Page who has her own page here. Click here to view it.
Beauty & The Chair
1940's Wartime Stripper
Those whose tastes run to stockings, high heels and other aspects of leg art will want to check out this clip It is sure to tickle your fancy.
A trio of lovely lasses lithely slink and shimmy their way into your "heart".
A short clip of this buxom beauty as she strips down to sequined pasties and panties.
1939 N.Y.C. World'Sin Fair
I was going through some gorgeous color footage of the1939/40 New York World's Fair and was SHOCKED to find a lot of half naked women as featured attractions. Too hot for YouTube 4 sure. So we have posted a page of clips here.
A Little French
This film is mostly known for an early appearance by Bridget Bardot as a teenager. Apparently, in french it is a comedy and theres some nice set pieces, especially the arabian nights number.

Michael Findlay (1938–1977), and his wife Roberta Findlay, directed and produced numerous sexploitation movies. They were part of a group of New York filmakers including; Joseph Sarno, Joseph P. Mawra, and Lou Campa who layed the ground for 70's films like "Last House On The Left" and "I Spit On Your Grave". Sometimes he would direct under the alias Julian Marsh and act in his own films billed as Robert West. His wife Roberta (a.k.a. Anna Riva) was the cinematographer, co-writer, and supporting actress for many of their films together.

The couple is mostly known for the "flesh" trilogy. Starting with  The Touch of Her Flesh and the two sequels, The Curse of Her Flesh and The Kiss of her Flesh. They tell the tale of a cuckolded gun dealer named Richard Jennings (played by Findlay) who is disfigured in a car accident after finding his wife in bed with another man. In recovery, Jennings comes to generalize his hatred of his wife to promiscuous women in general; after he is released, Jennings goes on a killing spree, murdering prostitutes and strippers with a variety of unique implements, including poison-tipped rose thorns, blowdarts, a crossbow, a scimitar, and a buzzsaw. Although he would appear to die at the end of the first two films he would pop back up for more fun & games

The films – which included numerous non-sequiter sequences of sadomasochistic sex – was unique for its time; most exploitation films up to that time had either exhibited graphic sex or graphic violence, but never combined the two. Ironically enough Michael Finlay's death in 1977 was gruesome, he was decapitaed by a helicopters rotary blade in an accident on top of the Pan Am Building.

Irving Klaw's Pony Girl