Welcome to my world of neon which I like to think of as the color of light. A couple of my earliest childhood memories are of driving somewhere at night and seeing these spectacular signs blazing away. Over the years I have taken phtographs and collected other images of neon. Starting in the 1980's using a Poloroid SX-70 and continuing today with my Sony HD video camera.



Chicago Neon
Fantasy Neon
Viva Las Vegas
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BUCA Restraunt off Highland at Butterfield Rd. in Lombard good eating and great neon.


KIDDYLAND; North & 1st Ave. Melrose Pk. Sadly this gem is now gone and the land is now another CostCo.


A little off the beaten track this intersection is home to these signs. The Miami bowl 72 lanes is open 24 hours. The Tangiers , Rolling Wheels & Jazzy Florist are all within a block of there. Alas since this page was put together the area has undergone redevelopment and the Miami is gone.

tThe coolest collection of neon outside of Las Vegas can be found in this compact museum in downtown LA. They also run A series of Double decker bus tours during the spring and summer.
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